Event and Festival Flags

At Festiflags we have a massive range of bright flags to add colour and spectacle to any occasion. Our flags can be hired in any number and so are perfect for all sizes of event, from small private parties, to large public gatherings. They can be used for a variety of purposes, only limited by your imagination.

 In the past Festiflags have been used as beautiful backdrops for parties and celebrations, to bring gorgeous colour to garden parties and fetes, and to create a bright, celebratory atmosphere at festivals.
Lakefest Festival Festiflags
 Lakefest Coloured Flags Festiflags
 At any event, they are guaranteed to be the subject of much impressed conversation.
The craftmanship on all our flags is superb, and as they are all handmade, they are all slightly different. 
Greenway Hotel Garden Party Festiflags Their arrangement and design is endlessly creative whether you choose to use them in marching lines, clusters, distant vistas, or focus points.
They are a speedy and cost effective way to make any event look beautiful and unique.
Lakefest Flags Festiflags 
   They are also quick to install, and can be removed leaving little trace, making them suitable for the most delicate of venues. Please do take a look at our Gallery page for lots more pictures, as Festiflags can only really be appreciated when seen on location.